Usability testing and user research

Usability testing and user research

We use different techniques to research and understand the habits, practices and skills people have when using certain technology. We detect trends that help our clients identify requirements and improve their products and interactive services.

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  • Moderated usability tests

    We evaluate real users' experience with interactive systems.

    We evaluate interactive interfaces and study the people's behavior when using them. We have highly trained moderators to conduct a think-aloud interview. We use specialized technology to support this service.

  • Heuristic evaluations and expert reviews

    We find what to improve on your digital products.

    Using cognitive walkthroughs, a team of consultants reviews your product looking for problems related with navigation, interface design, accesibility, and interaction. After this, we generate a report of issues and recommendations.

  • Ethnography and user research

    We observe user's behaviour in conetxt. 

    We use ethnography to study users' culture, habits and emotions when using technology. 

  • Card sorting, interviews and focus groups

    We facilitate gathering requirements and functionalities.

    With users, we determine what content, functionality, organization and interaction must be present in an interactive product. We use interviews and cardsorting tools to improve the information's findability.


  • Remote usability testing

    We research for global audiences.

    Using specialized technology, we evaluate and improve digital services and products worldwide.


  • Eyetracking

    We research what catches the user's eye. 

    Using eyetracking technology, we can know what people see when sitting in front of a screen. We can trace a gaze plot, and fixation times for an element. All this is done following the eye's pupil.

Our methodology

  • Research
  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Evaluate