Usaria, usability consulting and user experience in Mexico and Colombia.

We design user experiences

We create positive experiences for those who interact with technology. If there is a good experience, then the technology works.


  • Usability testing and user research

    We use different techniques to research and understand the habits, practices and skills people have when using certain technology. We detect trends that help our clients identify requirements and improve their products and interactive services.

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  • Consulting in usability and user experience

    We strive for our clients to have satisfied users. We design interactive products and services, focusing on the people. We use different methods and techniques of user experience design (UX), service design (SD) and design thinking (DT).

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  • Training in usability and user experience

    Sharing our knowledge and experience in areas of usability, user centered design (UX), information architecture, interface design, accessibility and service design. We have close relationships with leading universities and membership in several specialized associations.

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Our methodology

  • Research

    We know our clients, understand their business and focus on their goals. We research the people to whom it is directed, to understand their context and habits. We study the competition and market trends.

  • Analyze

    We interpret customer needs and their business. We observe and study the behavior of users in context. We evaluate the current experience and validate its effectiveness.  


  • Design

    We design by stages, involving clients and users.The aim is to improve constantly. We organize and classify the content, create sketches and finally enhance them with visual design. The result: satisfied users with functional, friendly and outstanding digital media.

  • Evaluate

    Using real users, we validate the effectiveness, efficiency and level of satisfaction with our work. We design and perform usability testing in professional labs using the latest technology in user research.